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Find out the titles and a little bit about each episode here.

1st Season

1. College Material

Sanford and Del discover that they've missed the first 3 weeks of classes, and will flunk out unless they pass an upcoming biology test.

2. Stomach pump 2000

Joe thinks that his new invention might save the Dean's job and allow Joe to transfer to a better school.

3. New Friends

When one of his classes is moved to a new time, Del starts hanging out with a different group and becomes a Big Man on Campus.

4. My Name is Todd W.

When Todd loses his job as RA, who better to take over than Sanford?
5. Del Gets Sick

Sanford gets Del to stop being a mama's boy. And almost kills him.

b: 05-Dec-2002 pc: 105 w: Reid Harrison

6. Fraternity
gs: Mike Henry (Shaner) Tom Kenny () Phil LaMarr () Eliza Schneider () Jeffrey Tambor (Dean Earhardt) Kathleen Wilhoite (Cindy)

Del and Sanford make the transition from dorm rats to frat boys. And back again.

b: 12-Dec-2002 pc: 106

NOTE: When Sanford is going through the Delta Burk Pledge book AKA a phone book he starts listing off names. The first one he says is Callaghan,which is also the last name for Steve Callaghan who is the Co-Producer and a writer for 3 South.

7. Coke Addicts
gs: Michael Henry () Tom Kenny () Martin Mull () Kathleen Wilhoite (Cindy)

Joe is desperate to transfer out of Barder while Del and Sanford are desperate for Coke (a-Cola that is).

b: 19-Dec-2002 pc: 107

8. Midnight Del
gs: Alex Borstein (Becky) Reid Harrison () Phil LaMarr () Eliza Schneider () Jeffery Tambor (Dean Earhardt) Kathleen Wilhoite (Cindy)

Barder's annual Midnight Yell gets Sanford and Del to freak out.

b: 02-Jan-2003 pc: 108 w: Steve Callaghan d: Ron Hughart

9. Joe Gets Expelled
gs: Alex Borstein (Becky) Mike Henry () Tom Kenny () Phil LaMarr () Eliza Schneider () Jeffery Tambor (Dean Earhardt) Kathleen Wilhoite (Cindy)

Joe finds out the only thing harder than getting kicked out of the worst college in the country is trying to get back in.

b: 09-Jan-2003 pc: 109 w: Paul Forie and Alan Cross d: Ron Hughart

NOTE: Todd, with all of his problems, apparently has a beautiful singing voice. wierd

10. 100 Yr. Old Man
gs: Reid Harrison () Tom Kenny () Joe Pantoliano () Eliza Jeffery ()

How do you top an alumni prank? Kidnap a school mascot, that's how! Unfortunately, Del and Sanford steal their own school mascot!

b: 16-Jan-2003 pc: 110 w: Dave Lewman and Joe Liss d: Ron Hughart

NOTE: well, add super sensitive ears to your list of 'things that are wrong with Todd'
Unaired Episodes:
11. Top Dogs

When Sanford and Del get dates with a couple of girls from a sority to their sorority party Joe gets jeolous and starts working out but soon finds out the real reason Sanford, Del and many others were invited.

b: UNAIRED pc: 854-841 w: Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein d: Ron Hughart

NOTE: Originally scheduled to air on Jan. 30, 2003 but was replaced with a repeat of the MTV Series MADE

12. Cocktail
gs: Seth MacFarlane (Max)

Sanford and Del loose all their money in a poker game to Moe so they sell their weekend school meals for 500 dollars they buy a 500 dollar safe to put their money in. When they realize they spent all the money on the safe they sell the safe back to the store for 10 dollars. When they realize they can't eat on weekends because of that they steal 2 chickens, with the help of Ed, so the Chickens will lay eggs and they can eat them. When the Chickens don't lay eggs they hold a cock fight in their dorm room. Meanwhile Joe searches the dorm to find a room where he can study in piece and quiet. When he finds this place he meets Max who he becomes best friend with him until the end in a bizarre ending.

b: UNAIRED pc: 385-842 w: Paul Forie and Alan Cross d: Ron Hughart

NOTE: Originally Scheduled to air February 6th, 2003

13. Fake I.D.

A Nobel prize winner come to Barder to give a speech but looses his wallet when he comes. Sanford finds the wallet and uses it at an uptown bar so he can get free beer and the respect he deserves being a nobel prize winner and all.

b: UNAIRED pc: 385-843 w: Pat Pujolas d: Ron Hughart

NOTE: At the begining of this episode their is a recap of all the episodes that have taken place.

More episodes to come.