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This page is dedicated to the MTV show 3-south

9/29/04- 3-south was ended a while ago sorry about not updated it got cancelled but you can try to get it back or on dvd by clicking here
11/30/02- I found a list of some upcoming episode here they are:

Del Gets Sick
Change Jar
Midnight Del
Joe Gets Expelled
100 Yr. Old Man
Fake ID
Top Dog

11/30/02-I added the next episode. Episode 105 Dell gets sick to the next episode page.

11/28/02- Happy Thanksgiving.You can celebrate tonight by watching the newest 3-south episode. Episode 104: My Name Is Todd W.

11/23/02- I added the next episode on the next episode page which is called Episode 104: My Name Is Todd W. It is going to be very hard to miss this episode because it comes on 7 times.

11/15/02- i added the nxt episode New Friends to teh next episode page with airtimes.

11/13/02- Even More added airtimes for the episode stomach pump 2000. Check Airtimes page or Next Episode page.

11/12/02- If you wanna be a moderator in the message boards join and post it.

11/12/02- Added airtimes for stomach Pump 2000 for list check airtimes page

11/10/02- Today is your last chance to see the first episode of 3-south.If your going to watch it check teh airtimes page

11/9/02- I added a next episode page so you know what the next episode is.

11/5/02 - I added a message board join now. i also added an airtimes page,links page,and whats 3-south page.

11/5/02 - The world premiere is Thursday, November 7th at 10:30 (ET); 9:30 (CT).

11/5/02 - A new episode of 3-south Stomach Pump 2000 is on mtv on Thursday, Nov 14 @ 10:30 PM Sunday, Nov 17 @ 9:30

11/5/02 - 3-South Domains Grand Opening!!! Tell your friends.

If you have any questions or ideas please feel free to e-mail me at

Since 11/5/02

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